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Construction Trowels

Product code 31JYKY
Price 20.000 VNĐ - 30.000 VNĐ
Manufacturer CCk Viet Nam Joint Stock Company
Country of manufacture Vietnam
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Construction Trowels 20.000 VNĐ 20.000 VNĐ
Stainless steel trowel 30.000 VNĐ 30.000 VNĐ

Construction Tools

Construction tools play an important role in any construction work as they provide a good finish and ease of work by reducing man work. There are different types of construction tools and equipment used in construction.

Building tools have their influence from ancient times to this period. Only the tools were used for scraping, cutting, chopping, hammering moving in ancient times. But as development is being done in this time, there are very new construction tools, which work very well & very few people have requirements

This article gives details about some basic construction equipment list with uses

Stainless steel Trowel - Construction Trowels

stainless steel trowel

Image 1: Construction Trowels

A hand tool utilized for smoothing, digging, applying, or moving mortar or concrete is a trowel.

Trowels construction tools are categorized into the following types and subtypes;

I) Brick-laying Trowels

  1. London trowel
  2. Philadelphia trowel

II) Masonry Trowels

  1. Pointing trowel
  2. Gauging trowel
  3. Margin trowel

 III) Finishing Trowels

  1. Pool trowel
  2. Margin finishing trowel
  3. Duckbill trowel
  4. Magnesium float

IV) Brick-laying Trowels

Especially for building walls, the brick-laying trowels are mostly in use & are designed so that the whole production of mortar speeds up.

Stainless steel trowel

Following are two subtypes of brick-laying trowels;

London Trowel: London trowel is mostly used for laying the brick & it has a narrower heel.

Philadelphia Trowel: Philadelphia trowel is used explicitly for concrete block production since it has a wider heel.

V) Masonry Trowels

In masonry structures, masonry trowels construction tools are used in repair type of jobs in residential houses.

Pointing Trowel: For small spaces similar to replacing singular brick, the pointing trowel is used.

Gauging Trowel: The gauging trowel is widely used for getting around pipes & other tight areas.

Margin Trowel: The margin trowel appears in a kind of edges but proper for filling mortar into cracks.

 VI) Finishing Trowels

For smoothing the materials (i.e. cement & plaster), finishing trowels are mostly used.

A. Pool Trowel 

In a swimming pool, a pool trowel is used to smoothen the curved edges.

B. Margin Finishing Trowel 

Margin finishing trowel is the same as masonry trowel, but that margin finishing trowel is relatively more extensive than the masonry trowel.

It is a more proper choice for pouring a concrete floor

C. Duckbill Trowel 

Duckbill Trowel is used to smoothing out the materials tucked in compact spaces since it has a curved and long edge.

D. Magnesium Float 

To obtain a more smooth glossy finish, magnesium float pulls water to the cement’s surface.

masonry tools

SUMAC MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT Product & supply all Construction tools, Civil Engineering Tools, Construction Equipment, Construction Machinery are listed below : 

Construction Tools List for Building Construction

Some important 75 construction tools and their uses

  1. Measurement Tape
  2. Trowel

  3. Concrete Mixer
  4. Sand screening machine
  5. Rubber Boots
  6. Gloves
  7. Bump Cutter/Screed
  8. Wooden Float/wooden rendering float
  9. Plumb Bob
  10. Wheel Barrow
  11. Head Pan
  12. Vibrator
  13. Line Level
  14. Framing Square
  15. Crow Bar
  16. Framing Hammer
  17. Hoe
  18. Torpedo Level
  19. Chisel
  20. Cordless Drill
  21. Safety Glass
  22. Block Plane / Jack Plane
  23. Polishers
  24. Measuring Box
  25. Tile Cutter
  26. Earth Rammer
  27. Vacuum Blower
  28. Flat Pry Bar
  29. Digging bar
  30. Hand Saw
  31. Measuring Wheel
  32. Circular Saw
  33. Ladder
  34. Putty Knife
  35. Bolster
  36. Boning rod
  37. Brick hammer
  38. Backhoe
  39. Binding Hook
  40. Bulldozer
  41. Bump Cutter / Screed 
  42. Core Cutter Machine
  43. De-Watering Pump
  44. Dozer
  45. Drilling Machine
  46. Dumpers
  47. End Frames
  48. Excavator
  49. Forklift
  50. Grader
  51. Hand Drill
  52. Hand Vibrator
  53. Helmet
  54. Hoist
  55. Hydra Crane
  56. Scoop
  57. Jack Hammer
  58. Line and Pins
  59. Mixer Machine
  60. Pick Axe
  61. Pile Driller Machine
  62. Plumb Rule
  63. Wier Brush
  64. Rebound Hammer
  65. Road Header Machine
  66. Road Roller
  67. Safety Belt
  68. Scratchers
  69. Skid Steer Loaders
  70. Spade
  71. Sprit Level
  72. Straight Edge Brushes
  73. Tower Crane
  74. Trenchers Cutter
  75. Water Level

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L/C Payment method

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With a Letter of Credit, payment is made through both the buyer and sellers’ banks. Upon confirmation of trade terms and conditions, the buyer instructs his bank to pay the agreed-upon sum by both parties to the seller’s bank. The buyer’s bank then sends a Letter of Credit as proof of sufficient and legit funds to the seller’s bank. Payment is only remitted after all stated conditions are met by both parties and shipment has been shipped.

Letters of Credit are also sometimes known as LC, bankers commercial credit or documentary credit.

3. Telegraphic transfer(T/T)

telegrapic transfer

Telegraphic transfer(T/T), also known as Wire transfer is an electronic method of transferring funds. In this method, money is transferred from one bank to another via cable services or telegraphs. ... Telegraphic transfer or wire transfer is the most common means of transferring funds overseas

4. Viet Nam banks account system :

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4.1/ Companny bank account (SUMAC bank account)

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Company name: CCk Viet Nam Joint Stock Company

Representative Office :

Tu Son Distric, Bac Ninh Province, Viet Nam

Mobile 1: +84936369588

Mobile 2: +84911034775

Email: vnsumac@gmail.com


Factory, warehouse :

Address: VSIP Bac Ninh Industrial Area, No 01 Hightway, Bac Ninh Province, Viet Nam

Putty Knife

15.000 VNĐ

Product code :



30.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Framing Hammer- Claw Hammer

60.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Crow Bar

40.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Wheel Barrow

350.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Wooden Float - Steel float

20.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Construction Bump Cutter - Hand screeds

2.400.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Rubber Boots - hand Gloves

5.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Concrete Mixer

5.000.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Chain couplings

21.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Hydaraulic Oil

55.000 VNĐ

Product code :


Hydraulic Hose

26.500 VNĐ

Product code :


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