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Issues raised for Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry

Issues raised for Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry:

Issues raised for Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry

From the analysis of development practices, the limitations, challenges and opportunities of the Mechanical industry in the context of Industry 4.0, in order to promote the sustainable development of Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry, the Vietnam Mechanical Development Strategy needs and consider implementing the following:

– Regarding the market: Creating a market is a prerequisite for developing and handling trade fraud and the widespread importation of used equipment.

– Regarding investment capital: Creating a source of long-term loan capital with stable interest rates according to production investment characteristics for mechanical engineering enterprises.

– Regarding bidding activities of domestic constructions and projects: To promulgate bidding regulations in such a way as to contribute to raising the rate of use of home-made materials and goods and managing general contractors under contract forms. designing, supplying technological equipment and constructing works (EPC) of machinery and equipment, in order to create a market for domestic mechanical enterprises.

– Regarding industrial promotion, investment promotion and trade promotion: Develop mechanisms and policies to support production and encourage the consumption of mechanical products in the country in accordance with Vietnam’s international commitments. .

– Regarding business links: Deploy business connection programs to strengthen links and joint ventures between domestic enterprises and large enterprises in the world in the value chain to access technology and standardize. product.

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In order to achieve the goal of 2035, Vietnam Mechanical Industry is developed with the majority of specialties with advanced technology, product quality of international standards, further participating in the global value chain, basically meet the demand for mechanical products of the domestic market; Export output reaches 45% of the total mechanical engineering output, in the coming time Vietnam should synchronously deploy the following strategic solutions:

Firstly, complete the system of mechanisms and policies synchronously and strong enough to support the development of the mechanical engineering industry. In the immediate future, the Government should formulate and promulgate a decree on development of manufacturing industry.

Secondly, developing downstream industries in the field of large-scale mechanical engineering in the supply chain to create opportunities for domestic mechanical enterprises to participate in supplying spare parts and components for manufacturing and assembling enterprises. final product assembly. In particular, focusing on the development of mechanical industries with development potential such as automobiles, industrial equipment, household engineering and tools …

Thirdly, improve the quality of trade promotion activities, attract investment from branded mechanical enterprises in the world to gradually form the domestic supply chain and seek to expand export markets for businesses. domestic engineering.

Fourthly, building and updating the database on mechanical enterprises; effective implementation of business connection programs, linking domestic enterprises with foreign businesses. At the same time, improve the quality of statistics as a basis for industry analysis and forecasts.

Fifth, ensure long-term loans with stable interest rates for mechanical businesses through support programs, preferential packages in accordance with domestic regulations and international commitments.

Sixthly, quickly completing synchronous standards and regulations for mechanical products, and at the same time, developing and improving the capacity of inspection and testing agencies according to the registered standards and regulations. .

Seventhly, building and developing a system of management, evaluation and granting of national vocational technical certificates, especially for vocational skills in the field of mechanics; Develop incentive mechanisms to encourage linkages between training institutions and enterprises in training activities and develop training programs and curricula that are appropriate to reality.

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