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Opportunities and challenges for Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Opportunities and challenges for Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Viet Nam industry 4.0 Summit

According to experts, Industrial Revolution 4.0 has an important impact on mechanical production in the present and in the future, especially on the issues of technology management, production management … Specifically, Industry 4.0 will bring many opportunities for the development of Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry, which are:

Firstly, Industry Revolution 4.0 allows mechanical enterprises to access information, knowledge, access to advanced technologies …

Secondly, Industry Revolution 4.0 with breakthroughs in new technologies greatly reduces robot manufacturing and operating costs, drastically reducing production costs of additive manufacturing technology (3D printing technology), because That increases the ability to apply robots, embankment technology to replace cutting technology in mechanical production for countries with limited economic potential such as Vietnam.

Third, Industrial Revolution 4.0 is an opportunity for Vietnam to “leapfrog”. Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry has not yet been developed, the scale is small, so the inertia is small, the risk may not cause too much loss.

Fourthly, mechanical workers are eager to learn and quick to adapt to new things, so it is very easy to adapt to new opportunities and technologies from Industry 4.0. , improve proficiency, create and capture advanced technology for application.

Fifthly, with quick access and flexible application of the achievements of Industrial Revolution 4.0, our country’s mechanical engineering industry will have many opportunities in improving technology level, increasing productivity, shortening time. time to bring products to market, produce products with quality, competitive prices … thereby, changing the way of management and management in mechanical production.

Besides the opportunities, Industrial Revolution 4.0 also brings many challenges to Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry, which are:

Firstly, during the Industrial Revolution 4.0, mechanical workers may have difficulty finding jobs, because manual jobs will be automatically replaced by robots and automated machines. The formation and development of a mechanical workforce equipped with skills and qualifications to exploit and master technologies and new modes of operation are also a big challenge for human resource training. Mechanical force in our country today.

Secondly, our country’s mechanical enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, not yet capable of competing, not ready to access new technologies. Many enterprises are still passive in new development trends, not ready to change the business organization model, in which, competition pressure is increasingly fierce and facing pressure on investment resources for transformation. , innovation, breakthrough.

Thirdly, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with new technologies, especially 3D printing technology (additive technology), has completely changed the traditional cutting technology of Vietnam’s Mechanical Industry. This technology allows customers to order products with customized designs and be produced at a faster rate and in the world, this technology is changing rapidly, not limited to manufacturing. products made from plastic materials, now metal materials are being applied this technology.

Not to mention, the mechanical manufacturing systems in Industry 4.0 must be systems capable of deep connection, identification, data collection and exchange such as Cyber ​​Physical Systems or Internet of Things, which are considered as Key technologies have not been applied in mechanical production in our country.

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